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  • Protect Our Winters to Save Future of Snow Sports

    Protect Our Winters is a non-profit organization that was started by Jeremy Jones, a pro snowboarder, in 2007. The organization is concerned with the effects of climate change on mountains, and ...

  • A Successful and Fun Family Vacation

    Last year, my wife and I were thrilled that our videogame-loving son learned how to ski and loved it. It was great to see him learn something active that he could enjoy. This year, we decided to ...

  • Marshall Mountain

    If you’re looking for a small ski lodge with great small town hospitality, look no further than Marshall Mountain. Open since 1937, this great little resort is the University of Montana Ski Team’s home training ground, but is also recognized as offering great winter recreation. The resort has grown somewhat from it’s early beginning, and […]

  • Bear Mountain

    Bear Mountain Resort has gained a reputation – especially amongst younger generations – as being the resort of choice for each winter season. The resort is dedicated to development of their facilities as one of the best freestyle terrain parks in the world, and so far they are certainly achieving this goal. What’s more, with […]

  • Maverick Mountain

    Nestled in the mountains of southwest Montana, you’ll find a big mountain just waiting to be ridden. The Maverick Mountain Ski Area may not be the biggest of its kind, but it offers great trails for every level skier combined with pure air and magnificent scenery; what more could you want? Maverick Mountain is big. […]

  • Boreal Mountain

    If you’re looking for a great family experience combined with fun and snow, look no further than Boreal Mountain Resort. The resort is easily accessed from anywhere in Northern California as well as Reno in Nevada. Simply take the Interstate 80, turn off on the Boreal/Castle Peak Exit and you’ll soon discover the ultimate family […]

  • Red Lodge

    Red Lodge Mountain is a great place for family and friends to get together and enjoy the beauty of the mountain combined with the friendliness of the locals. Named for the colorful tepees that once dotted the area, Red Lodge Mountain has a strong historical feel which pervades both the lodge and the town. It’s […]

  • June

    June Mountain, located in the Eastern Sierra near Mammoth Mountain, is a great ski area for skiers of all levels and age groups. Many families enjoy spending time together on the stunning white slopes and racing teams can be seen practicing on the mountain sides. So grab your winter woollies and head out to June […]

  • Tiffindell

    South Africa conjures up images of wildlife safaris and sandy beaches, majestic mountains and wide open spaces. These may be the most popular tourist attractions of the country but it also has a couple of ski resorts with great snow from July to September. Tiffindell is the main ski resort in South Africa, located on […]

  • Stover Mountain

    Just ten minutes from Chester you will find Stover Mountain. Whilst not the biggest or most exciting resort in California, it has plenty of snow-filled fun activities to enjoy. Stover Mountain is a part of Lassen National Forest and as a result, it is not owned and operated by any one specific person, however it […]

  • Ascutney Mountain

    Ascutney Mountain Resort was closed in the Fall of 2010 Ascutney Mountain Resort has a reputation for being one of the most popular family ski destinations in Vermont. It is also a great four-seasons resort offering the best available for both families and adults all year round. A mid-sized ski resort, it is very popular […]

  • Valle Navado

    Size does matter, particularly if you dream of off-piste skiing in the Andes. Built in 1988 at the foot of the imposing El Plomo Peak by a French company, Valle Nevado has a distinct French ambiance which sets it apart from other ski vacation resorts of Chile. Valle Nevado is extremely popular with snowboarders and […]