The term ‘Nordic Skiing’ can refer to cross country skiing, ski jumping or a combination of the two. Most commonly it is used to refer to cross country skiing which is a very popular sport and is even classified as an winter Olympic sport. Each year the Nordic skiing World Championships is the event that Nordic skiers look forward to most – the event wherein competitors are put to the test and give the ultimate display of skill.

This Nordic skiing event is not just for experts – new initiates can watch the championship to get a taste of some of the best skiing they’ll ever see.

While most people know what ski jumping is, not everyone knows what is meant by cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing cannot be said to be more ‘challenging’ that other skiing events as it is a completely different sport and has it presents it’s very own challenges. Whereas most skiing events take place on a downhill slope to make it possible for the skier to easily gain speed, cross country skiing may include downhill, uphill and level terrain. Basically cross country skiing is when the participant tackles whatever challenges the environment may throw at them over a given course – including steep slopes, rough ground and small to large jumps.

So how would you go about getting involved in Nordic skiing? Well, the best way to learn is usually to sign up for a few lessons from a qualified instructor. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can further improve your skills by practicing on groomed trails which are much easier to ski on than rough snow is. By practicing in such an environment you can further hone your skills and develop your technique. Then, once you feel you’ve mastered your technique you can venture off in search of new, more challenging trails.