10th TTR World Snowboard Tour Begins

Operating as a non-profit organization, the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour has as one of its goals the establishment of snowboarding as a major snow sport on a global scale, while at the same time providing high quality competitive experiences for snowboarders around the world. The TTR (Ticket To Ride) World Ranking List along with the TTR World Tour, sees organizers of a host of independent freestyle snowboard events collaborating to present a global tour, catering for snowboarders of all levels of expertise – from rookie to professional. As the TTR World Snowboard Tour kicks off for its 10th season, riders and their supporters have loads of excitement ahead of them.

With increasing interest and ongoing development in snowboarding as a sport, the TTR World Ranking system has been revised for the upcoming season. The four new ranking lists are: TTR Halfpipe World Tour Ranking; TTR Slopestyle World Tour Ranking; TTR Big Air World Tour Ranking; and TTR Overall World Tour Ranking. Riders can start notching up TTR Big Air World Tour Rankings at the 5 Star Billabong Ante Up at Whistler on July 1, 2011. The all-male competition is expected to be intense as big air competitors, including Sebastien Toutant, Mark McMorris, and Seppe Smits, take to the snow.

The Burton New Zealand Open, taking place from August 9 to 13, is considered to be the cornerstone event of the competition’s Southern Hemisphere Season. It has been re-graded as a 5 Star event, and offers both men and women the opportunity to gain ranking points for the TTR Halfpipe World Tour Ranking and the TTR Slopestyle World Tour Ranking. Other events taking place in New Zealand are the 4 Star Billabong Bro Down (August 5-6) and the 3 Star New Zealand Winter Games (August 19-24). Australia will be hosting the 3 Star Dew Hut Jam at Mount Buller (July 30-31) and the 4 Star Stylewars at Falls Creek (August 21-24).

The function of the TTR in the freestyle snowboarding world is to operate in the interests of the riders and the sport that brings them together. The TTR encourages creativity and innovation as the sport evolves. It has an open-door policy, with the primary goal of creating a network of events and contacts to benefit athletes and the snowboarding industry. It also seeks to expand awareness of a sport that offers fun, creativity and friendship, as well as competitive events to encourage progress in developing snowboarding skills. If you have the opportunity, you may want to check out snowboarding at its best at one of the TTR World Snowboard Tour events.