Iceberg Tower brings Skiing to Bahrain!

You say you’ve skied just about everywhere… Greenland, the Himalayas, Antarctica, what next? In 2008 you’ll be able to add an unlikely destination to your “been there, done that” list: Bahrain. Yes, Bahrain – and I don’t mean Water Skiing, if that’s what you’re thinking. Bahrain, for those who don’t know, is one of the emirates located in the Persian Gulf region bordering Saudi Arabia.

Above ground there’s mostly sand and the odd camel or two, but beneath the surface there’s oil… black gold, Texas tea… and lots of it. How much, you ask? Well, let’s say there’s enough petrodollars rolling around to build a huge, indoor ski resort in an inhospitable, blistering desert where the daytime temps get up into the 120-degree range. Call it having money to burn if you like, but just don’t call it a money pit. The novelty alone should attract skiers of any skill (or no skill) from across the globe!

Now you’d think that building a snowdome in the desert was audacious enough, but nooo… the deep thinkers at Bahrain’s Economic Development Board really seem intent on pushing the envelope here. Iceberg Tower is going to be constructed on a man-made island. Why, I can’t say – except that maybe these guys love challenges. I’m assuming this island is no small hill of beans, either. Get this – in addition to ski runs and snowboarding slopes, Iceberg Tower will have the world’s first indoor ski jumping facility. It gets better: would you believe an ice sculpture park? And hey, things just wouldn’t be complete without an Arctic Zoo, now would they? As you can imagine, Iceberg Tower really pulls out all the stops. Plans foresee a massive complex that includes a hotel and convention center, medical center, shopping mall and science park with a 5-star beach resort and marina for those who like a little Hot with their Cold. So, pack your boards – surf and snow – and prepare for the opening of Iceberg Tower in 2008. After all here’s always the slopes of Olympus Mons – on Mars!