2012 Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Inductees

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum strives to maintain the legacy of snow sports in the region, specifically by preserving the history of the 10th Mountain Division which was the foundation upon which Colorado’s skiing community was built. The museum also maintains a comprehensive Olympics collection symbolizing the spirit and camaraderie of the snow sport community, and honors achievers by means of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame, nominees must have made a significant contribution to the sport and industry of either snow skiing or snowboarding in Colorado. The accomplishments of individual nominees must have had a tangible benefit to Colorado, and have enhanced the image of Colorado as a source of skiing and snowboarding innovation. Hall of Fame inductees are voted in by eligible voting panel members.

After careful consideration, the 2012 inductees to the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame were chosen, and are: Bill Bergman, Toby Dawson, Tom Jankovsky, Jerry Gart, John Meyer, Ralph Walton and Paul Testwuide. Bill Bergman is credited with laying the groundwork of resort management – including designing environmentally-friendly trails and initiating snowmaking measures – that are currently practiced in leading resorts. He is considered to be the driving force behind turning skiing into a corporate enterprise.

2006 Olympic bronze medalist freestyle skiing champion Toby Dawson joins Hall of Fame inductees. Among his achievements are 7 World Cup titles and 17 podium finishes during his time with the US Ski Team. South Korean by birth, Dawson is currently the South Korean National Ski Team Coach and helped with that country’s winning bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. As the marketing director for Ski Industries of America, Jerry Gart has played a major role in bringing affordable ski equipment to the residents of Colorado. He founded the Colorado Ski Country USA Ski Lift Program and established Denver/Post Gart Bros. Ski School.

Tom Jankovsky has worked as the General Manager of Sunlight Mountain Resort and has been on the Colorado Ski Country USA Board of Trustees. John Meyer has enjoyed a 25-year career writing for the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post, and has been recognized as “America’s Ski Writer” as well as being the dean of Olympic journalists in America. Paul Testquide started as a trail crew member back in 1963 and worked his way up to Vail’s Chief Operating Officer. He secured the water rights needed to facilitate snowmaking and managed the sustainable development of Blue Sky Basin, and the rebuild of Two Elks destroyed by arson. Ralph Walton bought Crested Butte Mountain Resort in 1970 and turned it around from bankruptcy to success. Among his achievements are being on the Board of Directors for Colorado Ski Country USA and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the NSAA. Certainly, these snow sport enthusiasts are all worthy recipients of being honored alongside existing Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum Hall of Fame athletes and innovators.