Annual Marmot Grind 2010

The Annual Marmot Grind will be hosted for the eighth consecutive year, on 24 April 2010. It is an event that tests the skills and endurance of skiers to the limits, requiring them to run to their skis, once the race starts, gear up and then proceed to skin to the top of the hill. Once they have reached the end of the uphill climb, they will ski down to the finish line as quickly as possible. There will be two divisions, namely the Racing Division and the Recreational Division, which each have their own courses. There will be cash and equipment prizes up for grabs, for both divisions, and for male and female participants.

To find out more about the Annual Marmot Grind and registration, log onto the Arapahoe Basin website at

Date: 24 April 2010

Venue: Arapahoe Basin

City: Denver

Country: United States of America