Exceptional US Ski Season

Each year, the National Ski Areas Association compiles a report to assess the snowboarding and skiing activity of each season. The preliminary analysis of the report revealed a pleasant surprise for the association, showing that even though a recession was ongoing, the United States experienced the second most successful season to date. These statistics were derived from the Kottke National End of Season Survey, and brings hope that the coming seasons will be just as successful as the one that has just passed.

A record ski and snowboard season was experienced in the winter of 2007 – 2008, when 60.5 million skiers and snowboarders were documented. Compared to last season, the number of visitors to the snowcapped mountain rages has increased by 4.2 percent, with the total number of visits for the 2009 – 2010 winter being 59.7 million. As expected, due to previous seasons, the Rocky Mountain has again raked in the most visits, welcoming more than twenty million visitors and increasing their visitation by 3.4 percent. While some areas are still compiling their final figures for submission, in general the report indicates that most areas have enjoyed an increase in visitors from last season, and that the entire winter season was a huge success. Another area that did extremely well is the Pacific Northwest, increasing their visitation statistic from last year by 3.2 percent.

The report by NSAA has also revealed that even though visitation numbers increased across the board, the snowfall average nationwide had decreased this season by fourteen percent. While some resorts endured a slow snowfall, others, such as the Aspen-Snowmass and most of the Colorado region, enjoyed a spectacular snowfall, being able to extend their skiing and snowboarding seasons. The additional weeks, some being extended to June, at these resorts will also have a positive impact on the National Ski Areas Association report, which will be released in totality in July. Once the final report has been drafted and released, it is believed that the outcome for the past season will be positive and encouraging and that the next season will be just as well supported, if not more.