Fun and Excitement at the Lahti Ski Museum

The Lahti Ski Museum, located at the foot of the Lahti Sports Center ski-jump ramps, was started in 1958 by veterans of the Lahden Hiihtoseura skiing club in Finland and officially founded in 1974. The first permanent exhibition for the museum was set up in the club’s old sauna, and as the museum collection grew, a new building designed by Esko Hämäläinen was built and opened to the public in November 1989. In the year 2000, the façade of the building was renovated and an 80-seat auditorium and restaurant were added. Today, visitors can enjoy a range of activities and discover fascinating facts about snow sport at the Lahti Ski Museum.

The permanent exhibition at the museum offers insight into the history of competitive skiing in Finland. It highlights prominent personalities in snow sport history, and displays examples of skiing equipment through the ages, giving visitors the opportunity to see the advances that have been made in ski safety and utility. There is a saying that every Finn has the desire to participate in the Lahti Ski Games at least once in a lifetime, and this is evidenced by the displays dedicated to this iconic annual event. Through multi-media displays and exhibitions of relevant memorabilia, visitors have the opportunity to ‘meet’ pioneering and famous sportsmen and sportswomen who have excelled in various categories of snow sports. Items on display include skis, sticks, bindings, items of clothing, flags, skates, books, photographs, stamps and more. The museum is also entrusted with taking care of the records of the Lahti Ski Club and Finnish Ski Association.

Activities include a simulation of the highest ski-jump in Lahti where visitors can experience the thrill of speeding down the slope and hurtling through the air – but without the risks. The simulator measures the participant’s weight and adjusts the experience accordingly. The distance of the jump is measured by the point used for takeoff. Visitors can even compete against one another as to who makes the longest jump. A downhill skiing simulator is also available for visitors to experience of this popular type of snow skiing, while an optical gun gives participants a chance to try out the fast-paced sport of biathlon. Certainly, there are many reasons to visit the family-friendly Lahti Ski Museum in Finland.