Fun and Thrills on the Slopes of Romania

Romania is a picturesque country that borders on the Black Sea and has Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova, Hungary and Serbia as its neighboring countries. It is known for its magnificent countryside, breathtaking attractions and historical buildings, such as Bran Castle which was constructed in 1212 and is believed to have been the home of Vlad III Dracula. Of course Dracula’s Castle is amongst the most popular attractions in Romania, but when it comes to activities, skiing is at the top of the list.

There are five ski resorts in Romania, each offering it own unique activities and catering for both skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The skiing season in Romania runs from December to March. With comfortable accommodation, great cuisine and friendly locals, it is hard to believe that the prices are so fair. But Romania is known to be a skiing holiday destination that is definitely value for money.

The best known resort in Romania is the Poina Brasov. Located in the city of Brasov, this resort caters especially for international skiers and has the most developed lift system of the resorts in the country, featuring seven ski lifts, two cable cars and a gondola. Anyone, from beginners to advanced skiers, will find an adventure on the Carpathian Mountains and if skiers want to take a break from skiing, they are welcome to join in other exciting activities such as tobogganing, sleigh rides and forest walks. The village offers skiers a little nightlife, with bars, shows, festive restaurants and nightclubs.

The most historical and oldest skiing resort is the Carpathians Pearl (Sinaia) that combines history with magical peaks that stand proud at two thousand meters, luxury accommodation, mystical castles and unchallenged beauty. Located at the highest altitude of all the resorts, is Predeal, at one thousand one hundred meters, while Azuga Mountain Resorts boasts the longest slope. Busteni Mountain Resort is known for its thick snow fall, which ranges between forty to forty-five centimeters and has a skiing system that includes five ski lifts, two ski chairs, two cable cars and three ski gondolas.

All the resorts in Romania are worth a visit, as they all have special features that attract local and international skiers. The answer to all these choices therefore is to try a different resort each year and enjoy quality and action packed skiing in Romania.