Glide Down the Slopes of Lebanon

In 1913, the excitement and enjoyment of skiing was brought back to Lebanon by an engineer who had gone to study further. After being exposed to skiing in Switzerland, the young engineer tried to promote the sport when he got home, but only a handful of locals took to the slopes. All changed in the 1930’s, when a group of youthful skiing enthusiasts from Lebanon and France transformed skiing into a serious sporting activity. Today, Lebanon has six ski resorts that attract thousands of local and international skiers each year.

Of the six ski resorts in Lebanon, there are three that seem to stand out amongst the rest and are more popular, namely the Laklouk, Faraya Mzaar and The Cedars. Most families prefer Laklouk when looking for a resort that can offer skiing and snowboarding opportunities for beginners and intermediates, as well as a resort that also has a variety of other activities. Joseph Sa’ab, envisioned just such a resort when he opened Laklouk resort and from its humble beginnings it has grown to a skiing wonderland complete with hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, gardens, swimming pools and orchards.

Just outside of Beirut waits an unforgettable skiing adventure. Faraya Mzaar is known for its magnificent tracks, forty-two slopes and peaks of approximately 2 465 meters. The massive slopes and vast extent of the resort allows for snowboarding, skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and après ski activities. Gentle slopes that accommodate beginner skiers are easy to navigate and the ski school quickly turns lack of knowledge into skiing confidence. Intermediate skiers will find a world of fun between the eighty kilometers of tracks and advanced skiers will have to either hire a guide or allow themselves at least two days on the mountain before setting off to challenge the most difficult tracks at the resort.

The Cedars resort was the first to install a mechanically driven ski lift in the 1950’s and since then it has grown into a breathtaking resort, with superb slopes and activities that are embraced by sixty thousand year old cedar trees, giving The Cedars a unique look and atmosphere. The slopes offer spectacular skiing to all levels of skiers and its wonderful private chalets, close proximity to Beirut, youth hostel and great variety of facility has gained The Cedars a lot of popularity.

Lebanon has become one of the favorite skiing destinations for many, offering top class facilities, competitive activities, perfectly groomed slopes and completely exclusive experiences. When looking for a skiing destination that is a little different and where adventure beckons, Lebanon is the ideal destination.