Ins and Outs of Snowskates

A Snowskate can be described as a combination of a snowboard and a skateboard. It allows snowskaters to perform tricks usually done by skateboarders on hard surfaces. The sport of snowskating has grown in popularity. There are a few different snowskates on the market that snowskaters can choose from, made by leading brands in the winter sport industry.

The history of snowskates actually dates back to around the 1960s, with the creation of the Snurfer. Many consider this to be the first snowskate, as it had no bindings attached to it. During the 1970s, however, the term snowskate was coined by a board that was being sold in sporting equipment stores and even in toystores, and resembled what is known today as the bideck snowskate. It was a very primitive version that featured attachments that looked like skis in its sides, allowing the skateboarders to move over the snow. Over the years, the designs improved and changed to produce the modern products that are seen today.

There are four types of snowskates to choose from today, namely the bideck, the powderskate, the single deck and the 4×4. As snowskates have no bindings and look like a form of skateboard, they are all fitted with non slip surface to allow riders to maneuver their boards.

There are two types of bideck boards, namely a single blade and multiple blades. This means that the snowskater would stand on the top deck of the board, while the lower deck, fitted with blades or a blade, is in contact with the snow. It is believed that Steve Frink was the original designer of this board in 1994. Prototypes were released in 2001, and avid bideck snowskaters will use the shorter version to perform tricks and the longer one for snowskating in the mountains.

As its name suggests, the powderskate is used in deep powder conditions and come in either a bideck version or single. They are designed with a deck and broad stub, and when in use feels similar to surfing.

The single deck is generally constructed from either solid plastic, or a combination of plastic and laminated wood, and has grooves cut into the underside of the board. This board is most popular for use in terrain and snowskate parks. The first single deck was released in 1998, which led to various snowskate parks opening to accommodate the rapidly growing numbers of snowskaters.

The 4×4 snowskate is a very rare snowskate that most resembles the feel of a skateboard. Where each of a skateboard’s four wheels would be, there is a small ski. Snowskates, also referred to as snowdecks, provide a lot of fun and adventure. It is most definitely a recommended discipline for winter sport enthusiasts to try.