Keystone Upgrades : Enhancing The Snow Sport Excitement

Keystone Ski Resort is known as a skiing destination that is not only fun and exciting, but an adventure. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts descend on Keystone Ski Resort in their thousands each year, to enjoy the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains and the breathtaking landscapes that surround it. Over and above the spectacular skiing and snowboarding opportunities, Keystone also has comfortable accommodation, restaurants, golf courses and resort villages that are filled with activities for the entire family to enjoy. And to expand on the existing success of the resort, plans and ideas have been set in motion to add some new features and improve on the old.

The long term plan for Keystone Ski Resort, which will take an estimated ten years to complete, is to add new trails on the mountain, to replace the cat-skiing operation with new lifts, install new lifts from the Ski Tip and to replace the Wayback chair. The new trails are being mapped out with the assistance of the U.S. Forest Service, to ensure that no wildlife are displaced or affected by the flow of human traffic and to consult them on reforestation projects. Over the last few years, the resort has been struggling with an invasion of pine beetles that are damaging the trees. It has become a concern for the resort and many guests who find the forests to be one of the most spectacular features of the resort. They are therefore starting a vegetation management project that will hopefully encourage re-growth and assist in the fight against the pine beetles.

The new River Run Gondola will permit more skiers to move up and down the mountain more freely and will also assist in directing traffic flow more accurately. The gondola will be opened on 7 November and a bypass on Schoolmarm will also allow more advanced skiers to get to Paymaster and Wild Irishman without disrupting the beginner skiers who train on Schoolmarm. It is anticipated that some of the projects will be in place by 2010, and it is foreseen that the changes will be a positive improvement on the resort. Streamlining traffic and creating new trails to explore will bring new adventures for snowboarding and skiing guests. It is their quest to always provide the best service and facilities which makes Keystone Ski Resort one of the best.