Macedonia – Ski Somewhere New

Macedonia, officially known as the Republic of Macedonia, is located in the southeastern region of Europe, and borders Greece. This small landlocked country is home to a great variety of skiing and snowboarding destinations, and the terrain in Macedonia is perfect for enjoying winter sports. For a skiing holiday, Macedonia is able to offer visitors a few different options in regard to skiing conditions and challenge levels.

Not many people are aware that Macedonia is host to two skiing competitions each year, namely the Mavrovo Memorial Tournament and the Shara Mountain Cup (inaugurated in 1947). These two events have highlighted the various possibilities open for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, leading to families booking a skiing holiday in Macedonia and traveling from one resort to the other to enjoy all the skiing opportunities available to them.

The 3-5 Pigadia Ski Centre is located in the Imathia region at an altitude of between 1 430 to 2 005 meters, and uses the Vermio Mountain as its skiing playground. As the resort guarantees perfect skiing conditions throughout the entire winter period it is a popular choice for those traveling to Macedonia. The Lailias Ski Centre calls the Vrontos Mountain home. While the mountain provides vertical skiing slopes from an altitude of approximately 1 849 meters, the resort itself is situated at 1 600 meters and was built in 1978. Safe tracks and access to the slopes on Saturdays and public holidays creates greater skiing convenience. The varied resorts and skiing conditions have transformed Macedonia into a diverse and exciting skiing destination.

Plans to construct a resort near the Greek border were announced last year. Kozuf Ski Centre will be an all year round resort, complete with multimedia centers, chalets, heliport, conference facilities, hotel and ski lifts. The resort will be located on fifty-four pristine hectares, with a summit of 2 200 meters. Construction is set to be completed by 2009 and will not only create new jobs for the local communities, but lure more European skiers and winter sports lovers to Macedonia. With the already established resorts and the development of the new Kozuf Ski Centre, the country is able to provide visitors with breathtaking slopes and exciting skiing locations.