Navigating Using the New Satski Device

When thinking about the risk of getting lost on a mountain, or skiing down a mountain for the first time, it does instill a sense of fear and apprehension, not knowing what lies ahead. Fortunately, a British company has designed a GPS that could benefit skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The Satski handheld GPS is a satellite navigation system that will assist skiers to find their way on a mountain and map their route, which is only two of the features this amazing satellite navigation system offers.

The Satski system was designed to be an interactive map for skiing enthusiasts that does not only have navigational features but that can track the skiers every move while on the mountain. It will be able to advise skiers of their exact location, what their average speed has been, the distance they have covered and general information in regard to their route. The system updates itself throughout the day, updating the maps to enable real time positioning, updating statistics so they are current at all times and recording all the data during the skier’s trip. Next to the large touchscreen, users will see three buttons for speed, distance and altitude. The speed button will show users the skier’s average speed, maximum speed and so forth. Distance shows traveled distance, and altitude indicates descends and climbs. The replay button allows users to view all the data from their day on the slopes.

After enjoying a day of skiing and snowboarding, the Satski GPS can assist skiers in planning their next route and even calculate the distance and altitude of the route. Users are also able to download their information onto CD-ROM, as well as export to Google Earth. It also has other marvelous features such as an MP3 Player, multimedia games, links to emergency numbers, photos, ski promotions and restaurant information.

This innovative satellite navigation system is set to be the latest skiing accessory for serious skiers and snowboarders, that will help skiers to avoid black runs and plan a skiing adventure to enjoy. Together with the MP3 Player and staggering information, users will be able to safely navigate the slopes, listen to their favorite songs and find a cozy pub, ski resort or restaurant to warm up in and review a day of skiing and snowboarding fun.