New Facilities and Upgrades at Aspen

Usually referred to as the Ski Co, Walter Paepcke established the Aspen Skiing Company in 1946. The company manages and operates the Aspen Snowmass resort. Located just outside the town of Aspen, the complex is divided into four skiing areas, and has become one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world. When the new skiing season is ushered in there will once again be breathtaking snow covered mountains to enjoy, along with a few new facilities that the Aspen Skiing Company has been working on to make visitors skiing vacation even more convenient and enjoyable.

To begin with, the Upper Tiehack lift and the Eagle Hill lift, located at Buttermilk, are currently under construction. The company has assigned Leitner Poma to build new lifts in place of these, as the more modern lifts will improve the travel time to almost eleven minutes, whereas the previous lifts, together, took about eighteen minutes to commute skiers. With the new lifts, skiers will be transported up the six hundred vertical foot slope in less than seven minutes, per lift. The new quad lift is hoped to bring renewed interest in the part of Buttermilk that is considered the most challenging, and the new lifts come with a price tag of $7 million. On the Tiehack side of the mountain, which is extremely underused, the crew from the Aspen Skiing Company is cleaning up the area to offer a gladed, groomed and more rolling terrain.

Back down the mountain, at Aspen Highlands, remodeling to the Merry Go Round restaurant has begun, and with $6 million being put into the remodeling and renovating project. The restaurant will feature a wonderful new kitchen with modern equipment, as well as energy efficient features being added. To bring the past and present together, the walls of the restaurant will be adorned with digital photo frames that will display live feeds, important information, as well as photos of legendary skiers of the past, as well as present day champions. Snowmass will also receive a new restaurant, replacing Café Suzanne with The Elk Camp Restaurant. As each season passes, the Aspen Skiing Company has made improvements to the resort, ensuring that the comfort of each skier is enhanced with every visit.