New Ski Lift at Mammoth Mountain California

Mammoth Mountain is a very popular ski resort for skiers and snow sport enthusiasts. It is located in California and is more than it appears. Over and above keeping 1.6 million visitors happy each ski season the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort also owns other outlets such as Mammoth Mountain Snowmobile Adventures, the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park and various other resorts, lodges and a golf course. With so much activity it was only a matter of time before the decision to construct a new ski lift would have been made.

Mammoth Mountain anticipates that the new “Chair 9” will be completed before the snowboarding and snow skiing season kicks into high gear. “Chair 9” is located on the eastern side of Mammoth Mountain and the original structure was erected in the year 1969. It is a popular location amongst the skiers and the old ski lift was no longer suitable for transporting guests to the Dragon’s Back area. The new lift will be able to carry six passengers at a time and the travel time will be shortened to approximately six minutes.

Due to the diverse range of activities and the high number of snow boarders, skiers and other snow lovers that patiently wait to be transported by the chairlift, Mammoth Mountain have ensured that the new lift will be able to withstand high winds and most of the unpredictable mountain weather conditions. This also ensures the safety of passengers and comfortable travel. The only part missing of this new and innovative chair lift is its name. Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort have been running a competition where skiers and snowboarders are able to submit their suggestions and the winner will receive tickets for the new lift and a special gift pack from Mammoth Mountain.

Another benefit to the construction of the new chair lift is the creation of new job opportunities once the lift is functional and in operation. The chair lift and all the equipment that is related to it will need year round maintenance to ensure the safety of the passengers and that the lift is in good working condition at all times.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and anyone who is offered a permanent position at this breathtaking ski resort will definitely be finding themselves in the middle of the excitement and adventure that the mountain provides.