New Zealand’s Snow-skiing Temple

Temple Basin is one of the greatest places to go skiing in New Zealand. The ski area is situated at the Main Divide of the Southern Alps, which is at the heart of Arthur’s Pass National Park on New Zealand’s South Island. It boasts a truly alpine environment with plenty of snow and great facilities – the perfect vacation destination for the outdoors enthusiast!

If you enjoy a bit of variety, Temple Basin in New Zealand has a lot to offer you. The ski area is spread out over four separate basins, which means that there are suitable skiing areas for skiers and snowboarders of every level of expertise. While beginners navigate the more gentle slopes, experts can hurtle down the most challenging runs at breakneck speed. Of course there is plenty on offer for those who are in-between the two extremes.

One of the great things about the Temple Basin Ski Area is that you do not have to belong to the area’s official ski or snowboard club in order to use the facilities or stay in the lodge. However, being a member does give you added advantages, so if you plan to frequent this great resort, it is worthwhile becoming a member. As far as accommodation goes, there are two lodges which provide bunk-room accommodation for 120 people. The lodges are modern and very close to the actual skiing facilities. However, they are communal lodges so you will need to do your part to ensure that the running of the lodges continues smoothly. Those that are short of a board or who need some instruction will find that they can easily hire gear or a qualified instructor.

It is also advisable that you pack light when setting off for the Temple Basin Ski Area. The parking for this wonderful facility is about a 45 minute walk from the lodges so you don’t want to have too much luggage to weigh you down as you enjoy the spectacular views along the way. You’ll find the car park just 4 kilometers west of the Arthur’s Pass Village on State Highway 73 and there is almost always someone around to help you carry your luggage. So book your stay at this great, low-cost family destination and make the most of your winter in New Zealand this year!