Nippon Open 2008, Japan

The 2008 Nippon Open is set to take place from 26 February through to 2 March at Fukushima, ALTS Bandai in Japan. During the Nippon Open’s 14-year history, it has become Japan’s largest snowboarding event and has become established as a key event on the world’s snowboarding calendar. More than 200 amateur and professional snowboard riders from around the world will do battle to become the 2008 Nippon Open champion.

Snowboarding has a huge following in Japan, and the Nippon Open attracts thousands of spectators who gather to enjoy the excitement and fun of competitive snowboarding. Spectators, at home and on site, have come to expect the very best in snowboarding techniques from the highly talented competitors. In the halfpipe, riders really get to put their technical skills to the test and carry out stunts that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Skills displayed in the halfpipe are generally the deciding factor in who wins the title of Nippon Open champion and the riders go all out to impress, ever conscious that they are up against tough competition.

The Nippon Open in Japan forms part of the Burton Global Open Series, along with the New Zealand, Australian, Canadian, European and United States Open snowboarding championships. The Burton Global Series is one of the most competitive and lucrative snowboard series worldwide. Each of the six competitions provides riders with points according to their ranking. At the end of the series the male and female rider who has accumulated the most points will each be awarded $100,000 and earn the title of Global Open Series Champion. It is no wonder then that the competitive spirit runs at fever pitch, adding to the excitement of the event.

Snowboard riders who have competed in the Nippon Open in the past agree that the atmosphere of excitement and friendliness generated by the Japanese spectators is hard to beat. Their cries of “Banzai!” in response to impressive displays of skill serve to spur competitors on to do their very best. There is no doubt that spectators and competitors alike are looking forward to the 2008 Nippon Open with keen anticipation.