Royal Gorge – A Great Ski Resort for the Family

Ideally situated in Soda Springs, California, a short driving distance from renowned Lake Tahoe and the city of Reno, Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort is considered to be North America’s largest cross country snow skiing resort. Royal Gorge has been ranked as the number one ski resort by ‘Snow Country Magazine’.

Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort offers skiers an extensive and diverse network of ninety trails through more than nine thousand acres of snow-covered wilderness in the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains where the annual snowfall exceeds 600 inches. A day lodge provides facilities for one-day visitors and two trail side lodges, Rainbow Lodge and Ice Lakes Lodge, provide top class accommodation for those who want to take their time exploring this stunning snowy wonderland. Other features include, four surface lifts, eight strategically placed rejuvenating warming huts, four trailside cafés, and several Inn-to-Inn trails. Free broad band Internet connection is available at the Royal Gorge Summit Station, so although skiers are in the wilderness, they are never cut off from the world.

Experienced, enthusiastic instructors at Royal Gorge provide lessons for skiers at all levels, either in a group sessions or as private lessons. There are also special programs for skiers with disabilities, so everyone can join in the fun. A benefit of having the largest track system in North America is that there are more events more often, so ski enthusiasts are sure to find an enjoyable event to participate in.

Skiers who have never tried their hand at cross-country skiing are in for a wonderful experience at Royal Gorge. In contrast to downhill skiing where the lift takes skiers to the top and they ski back down, the diverse terrain of cross country skiing presents new challenges continuously and skiers are offered a multitude of exciting options as they traverse flat areas, hills, pastures, forests, lakesides and mountain slopes.

Royal Gorge offers skiing lessons and facilities for children, such as Sesame Street at Royal Gorge. Painted plywood cutouts of colorful creatures create a playground for children to ski in. Insulated sleds are available for little ones to be towed behind their parents and helpful staff are on hand to offer many useful tips on keeping children happy – which in turn keeps the adults happy.

Snow skiing in the Lake Tahoe area offers great scenery along with perfect skiing conditions and skiing right to the edge of the Royal Gorge opens up an unsurpassed view of the surrounding landscape glistening in the sunshine of a typical sunny Californian skiing day.