Ski to Live – An Experience that Changes Lives

Ski to Live is a unique program that has been put together by well-known and well-respected extreme skier, Kristen Ulmer. Ski to Live has is enjoying great success, with commendation coming from participants from all walks of life. Kristen Ulmer has always believed that snow skiing ability is 90% mental, and this is the basis of her increasingly popular program.

Ski to Live will appeal to all intermediate to professional level skiers, telemarkers and snowboarders. Although the program highlights the spiritual side of sports, it caters for people with religious inclinations right through to atheists, with the emphasis being on finding true motivation in skiing, snowboarding and life. Participants are offered a life-changing journey of self-discovery while sharpening their snow skiing skills.

The outcome of the program will possibly be different for each person attending, depending on what they are looking for at that particular time of their lives. Some attend because they are exploring the possibility of bringing the passion they have for snow skiing into their everyday lives and relationships. Others are searching for meaning and direction in life which they hope to achieve through the freedom of skiing.

The schedule for Ski to Live starts off on a Thursday night with a gathering of the group for dinner and to be introduced to one another. Each morning starts with an early morning Yoga session followed by breakfast. Under the guidance of carefully selected coaches, groups will set off for four hours of skiing or their chosen activity, with the emphasis being on the mental and spiritual side of the sport. After lunch there are a few hours of “free time” to spend skiing, getting acquainted with the rest of the group, or visiting the spa.

The evenings are spent in a warm comfortable environment in the company of Genpo Roshi who takes the group through the “Big Mind” process. This process allows each person to shift their consciousness from an ego-centered outlook to a universal outlook while discovering the “True Master” within and learning to express wisdom and compassion.

Those that sign up for Ski to Live need to be prepared to let go of their preconceived ideas about themselves, others and relationships, as they share this unique experience with strangers who become friends. Each person will be encouraged to challenge the way they see just about everything in life, while discovering and embracing who they really are. The majority of past participants have recognized Ski to Live as a significant experience in their lives.