Ski Weekend for the Wounded Warriors

The Wounded Warriors Project was established to support and assist war veterans and the women and men that bravely sacrificed themselves for their country, and often return home wounded, disabled or suffering severe burns. The trauma that these warriors suffer, such as gunshot wounds, limb amputations and the burns and wounds suffered in blasts, does not only scar the individual but effects their spirit and theirfamilies endure the pain with them.

The function of the Wounded Warrior Project, or WWP, is to show their support while the soldier is recovering by offering counseling and comfort to the injured and the families. The recreational programs and sporting events that are held by the WWP, boosts their morale, assists in recovery and shows these courageous soldiers that there is a world of adventure that awaits them, and that their disability will not stop them from enjoying life and instills a positive attitude. Advise and assistance is also given at home, in regard to disability payments and debt, so that the family knows their rights, and can move forward from this traumatic period.

One of these amazing events that are coordinated by the Wounded Warriors Project took place on 9 February 2007 to 11 February 2007. A Classic Ski Weekend was held at Loon Mountain, in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Together with the Disabled Sports USA and White Mountain Adaptive Snowsports School, the WWP hosted the Wounded Warriors Disabled Sports Project with a weekend filled with fun activities and thrilling skiing.

The White Mountain Adaptive Snowsports School is an ongoing project at Loon Mountain that assists individuals of all ages who suffer from cognitive and physical disabilities so they can live, laugh, gain dignity and grow in self-confidence.

The Wounded Warriors Classic Ski Weekend provides trained instructors to assist and teach everyone that attends the weekend, to snowboard, ski and enjoy many exciting winter activities. All of the featured events are adapted so everyone can experience and enjoy every part of the program. Instructors teach each individual how to adapt their specific disability, so they are able to join their families and friends on these types of vacations and participate in them.

Over and above the activities that the soldiers and their families enjoyed, they were also honored in a special breakfast function in Lincoln at the American Legion Post 83. The breakfast was held on Sunday, the 11th of February 2007.