Skiing in Estonia

The Republic of Estonia is surrounded by the Russian Federation, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and Latvia. It offers visitors a temperate climate, depending on the season, but the Baltic States begin to receive their first snowflakes during the month of November. The seasonal snowfall allows skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of winter sports on the different slopes of Estonia. Each year the Baltic region is increasing in popularity, with Estonia being a favorite skiing destination.

Even though Estonia begins to receive its snowfall during November, the skiing season only begins in the month of December and lasts until March. January is generally the coldest month, and the heaviest snowfall in the Baltic occurs in Latvia and Estonia, allowing generously blanketed slopes to take shape. Its favorable geographic location has given Estonia numerous slopes for skiers to enjoy, ranging in various difficulty levels and activities.

Due to skiing becoming a major attraction in Estonia, many equipment rental stores have opened for visitors’ convenience, and night lights have also been installed along some ski runs. Snow making equipment is sometimes used to ensure that skiers enjoy idyllic skiing conditions throughout the season. There are many skiing and snowboarding disciplines to choose from, but the most popular form of skiing in Estonia is cross-country skiing. The picturesque landscapes and challenging terrain give skiers the opportunity to test their skill levels, while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Estonia. There is also an annual Tartu Ski Marathon held here, which is just as exciting for participants as it is for spectators.

Beginners will be able to find their inner skiing talent on the slopes of Estonia, as a great number of slopes offer visitors the opportunity to learn and experience snowboarding or skiing, catering for fun on the slopes for the entire family. Skiing in Estonia is also a vacation that is affordable in regard to pricing of accommodation, the hiring of ski equipment, day passes and activities. Estonia boasts cozy bars and quaint cafés, where skiers and snowboarders are able to purchase tasty refreshments. Spending a winter vacation in Estonia is a highly recommended outdoor adventure.