Skiing in Scotland

Most people picture kilts, long-haired cows and sheep when they think of Scotland – yet the country has a lot more to offer than just that! One adventure activity that you might consider trying is skiing in Scotland.

Despite irregular snowfalls and rocky surfaces, Scotland is home to several ski resorts where you can try your hand at skiing, snowboarding and other snow-related activities. Perhaps the most famous of the lot is Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. Despite the fact that this is a classy, traditional ski resort, it has a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. Aviemore offers some of the best skiing in the country and is often a first choice. Its facilities are also world class. However if you prefer to stay away from more mainstream locations, there are plenty of other great ski resorts to choose from. These include Glenshee (near Edinburgh), Cairngorm (not far from Aviemore), Nevis Range (Fort William), Glencoe Mountain and The Lecht. Each has its own special appeal – from beginner runs to new and exciting facilities.

It is good to keep in mind that snow skiing in Scotland is not quite the same as skiing in other countries. Scotland has a very irregular snowfall which can result in many of the runs being closed during your stay. However, there are always invariably a handful of days between the bad ones where the weather is just right and the snow is pristine. If you play your cards right you can get some great skiing in. If you get them wrong, you may find yourself faced with slushy, wet snow, icy winds and rocks which threaten to break your equipment to pieces – with that in mind it is often best to hire equipment and save your prized stuff for areas with a higher snowfall average. Moreover, if you do find yourself faced with unbearable weather conditions for a few days of your stay, it is often best to make the most of it by going sight-seeing, playing golf or enjoying the beauty of nature.

Many visitors also find that food at the top of the piste can be expensive. It is a generally a good idea to pack a hamper of delicious foods for yourself that you can snack on during your skiing adventures on the slopes. If you get bored with the skiing or tired of waiting for good snow, you’ll find that the nearby cities offer plenty of exciting entertainment. Skiing in Scotland may not be the same as in other parts of the world – but it is the differences that make it all the more special. So pack your bags and head for Scotland on your next skiing adventure!