Terje Håkonsen Sets New World Record

A new world record was set at The Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo recently. World-renowned snowboarding champion Terje Håkonsen surpassed the previous record for highest air on a quarter pipe. Heikke Sorsa set the world record of 9.3 meters back in 2001, but Terje Håkonsen went on to perform a backside 360 at 9.8 meters. A remarkable feat indeed. After such a fantastic maneuver, there is no doubt as to why Håkonsen is called the greatest snowboarder ever.

Terje Håkonsen has established a reputation as an outstanding snowboarder, a reputation that will last for many years to come. He has also had a great influence on the sport. Terje was born in Norway on 11 October 1974. He quickly made a name for himself during the 1990s by winning the U.S Open half-pipe, ISF World Championships half-pipe, half-pipe European championships and the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, each on 3 or more occasions.

Håkonsen has contributed much to the sport of snowboarding. The Haakon Flip maneuver was created by him. This move is a reverse flip with a double rotation at the lip of the pipe. He was also responsible for developing the unique T6 snowboard. For the first time ever a snowboard was designed using “Alumafly”. This material consists of aluminum in a honeycomb structure. He also assisted in the design of the Burton Malolo and the Burton Fish. Fans can see Terje Håkonsen in action in the documentaries “The Haakonsen Factor”, “Subjekt Haakonsen” and “First Descent” (co-starring Shaun White).

This outstanding snowboarder decided to establish his own snowboarding event, The Oakley Arctic Challenge. This event first ran in 1999 in opposition to the Olympics, which Håkonsen had previously boycotted due to certain regulations that snowboarders were displeased with. The Arctic Challenge is an entire week devoted to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. Competition is amongst the best in the world, but the week still maintains an air of fun. It is a time for friends to get together and have a good time.

Terje’s sponsors include Oakley, Burton, Swatch, Volcom and Sweet Protection. He uses the Burton T6 board with Burton Cartell bindings and Burton Boots. Terje Håkonsen has certainly left an indelible mark on snowboarding. He is a true record-setting legend on the snow.