The Burton US Open

There isn’t much to say about the US Open that hasn’t already been said. It is one of the top snowboarding competitions in the country and it’s taking place on Stratton Mountain in Vermont this year between the 13th and 18th of March, 2007. Spectators can expect to see the best of the best competing for top honors.

The greatest part of the competition for many is that it isn’t only limited to pro snowboarders – amateurs who think they have a chance at the prize money can enter too and they can strut their stuff among other amateurs and pro’s over the course of the competition. What’s more, the Burton Open is actually a global competition with similar Burton Open events taking place in New Zealand, Japan and Switzerland in addition to the United States.

But you might ask ‘Why Vermont?’ Well, everyone knows that Vermont has long enjoyed a great snowboarding history but there is more to it than that. The location where the competition is being held on Stratton Mountain is where Jake Burton chose to establish his snowboarding company Burton Snowboards. As the place where it all started, there really is no better location to hold this great annual event. Competitors can make use of great facilities to compete in the Slope style, Super Pipe and Rail Jam events and then enjoy the ‘On Snow’ live act that will mark the end of the event.

The cumulative points champion for the male and female categories will each win a whopping $100 000! The numbers get even bigger when you combine the total purses paid out at the five different locations during the year. The increases in prize money and the improvement in competition standards have been made possibly by Motorola’s sponsorship of the event. In addition to the some $700 000 US that will be awarded in total, all winners will enjoy a Motorola hamper courtesy of Motorola. The Burton Global Open now has the distinction of offering the largest prize purses in the sport.

While the events in Europe and Japan have already taken place, the US Open is set to be next while the New Zealand Open will follow in August. Make sure that you get in on the spine-chilling, awe-inspiring action by getting down to Vermont as soon as you can.