Thrilling Skiing in the Himalayas

Snow skiing is an incredibly popular sport all over the world and you will almost always find an opportunity to ski wherever there is snow. This is certainly true of one of the most mystical mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas. The opportunity to go skiing in the Himalayas is slowly becoming more and more popular with people looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy this sport.

Whether you prefer snow boarding or snow skiing, you can be sure that there is something on offer for you in the Himalayas. However don’t head out towards Mount Everest if you are looking for a great social scene with warm club bars filled with friendly foreign and local faces. Nepal and other countries that encompass parts of the Himalayas are not generally well established for the sport. The terrain is often virgin and the slopes are not lighted, marked out and regularly graded. Of course there are those resorts which will offer the more traditional snow skiing experience complete with lodge and other facilities, but keep in mind that snow skiing is not a sport that many of the locals can afford to enjoy.

Skiing and snowboarding in the Himalayas is truly a breathtaking experience. Not only is the air cold and the thrill exciting, but also the landscape is absolutely stunning. The majority of skiing sites in the Himalayas can be found in the northeastern parts of India, with Jammu and Kashmir being the favorites. These ski resorts are fairly well established and already have quite a large following. In fact, because these ski resorts have proved to be such a big draw card for tourists, India has spent a lot of money developing some of the most modern ski resorts in the world. However if you are looking for more privacy and a greater challenge you will be able to find stunning locations in other parts of the mountain range which receive much less attention.

So where do you start looking?

Gulmarg is one of the top ski resorts in India complete with gondola cable car and hire facilities. Alui features heavily wooded areas combined with virgin slopes, while Dayara Bugyal has stunning views and plenty of space to spread your wings. If you are an adrenaline junkie don’t overlook the opportunity to do some heliskiing in Nepal where you can tackle some of the highest mountains in the world. Of course there are many other resorts in the Himalayas to choose from so you really need to do your homework when planning a ski trip to this exotic location.