Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort in Armenia

Mount Teghenis is home to a very picturesque village on its eastern slope called Tsakhkadzor. Its name means “Gorge of Flowers”. Located at 1 840 meters above sea level, the town was a quiet destination until it began gaining popularity as a skiing and winter sport location during the Soviet rule, as facilities were created by the government to allow their top athletes to train here for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Once the rush of Olympic training was over, the opportunity to develop the town into a skiing resort became the goal, and to attract foreign visitors, attention was directed into development and modernization of facilities.

Before skiing and winter sports became the focal point of Tsakhkadzor, the town was known for historical attractions such as the Kecharis Monastery and St Grigor Church that was constructed in 1013. It is located approximately sixty kilometers from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, and is therefore accessible by air travel to Zvartnots Airport. All the lifts that have been installed to replace the lifts that were installed by the Soviet Union, are operated and manufactured by the Leitner Group. There were three lifts that used to transport skiers up the mountain, with the mountain peak being at 2 819 meters above sea level, and the lifts varied in transportation levels. A fourth lift was added to the Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort in the year 2006. With the last lift being installed, two additional trails were made accessible and there are four seater lifts and double seater chairlifts available to skiers, which also feature magic carpet boarding. The total ski track distance is 7 200 meters, which is broken up in various ropeway levels that begin at 1 400 meters and climb to 2 700 meters. The Tsahkhadzor Ski Resort therefore caters for beginners, intermediate and expert winter sport enthusiasts, providing enjoyable challenges and exciting runs.

The resort also has professional skiing instructors who provide beginners with lessons in both skiing and snowboarding and will also assist others in developing their skills. Cafés are conveniently located at the bases of the lifts, offering visitors refreshments after their slope excursions. The skiing season for the Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort begins during December and runs through until March and April, weather permitting.