Visiting the Utah Snowboard Museum

The Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop is located in the ideal location in Salt Lake City, as it is in close proximity to world famous and very popular skiing and snowboarding resorts, such as Canyons, Snowbird, Park City and Brighton. It is nestled between two canyons, namely Cottonwood and Parley’s at Wasatch Mountain’s base. Not only is the shop conveniently situated for winter sport enthusiasts to do their last minute shopping, or to purchase a new snowboard while on vacation, but it is also home to a very intriguing attraction.

The Utah Snowboard Museum offers visitors the opportunity to delve into the history of snowboarding and skateboarding, as it has a collection of more than a thousand items on display. With display areas filled with boards, the ceiling as also become a display unit and each snowboard displays its make and date of manufacture. Depending on funding, it is hoped that the Utah Snowboard Museum can be expanded to accommodate more exhibits, and it is proud to boast the biggest snowboard collection in the world. The museum is a self-funded establishment that relies on donations to keep it running. It was founded in the year 1981, and by 1989, the museum was in full swing. Every make and model that snowboarders can think of is displayed in the museum that ranges from vintage snowboards to the most modern, creating a visual display of the evolution of snowboarding.

Another feature of the museum that makes it quite unique is the display that hosts prototype snowboards that date back to the 1940s and also exhibits boards that were used by the pioneers of snowboarding, as well as snowboarding champions. Visitors will also get to see the longest snowboards ever produced, and visitors are also recommended to explore the Snurfer room. Many of the pieces in the collection have either been sold or donated to the museum, and the Utah Snowboard Museum is constantly on the lookout for places to display either permanent or temporary collections, to promote the sport and educate the public on the history of snowboarding. The Utah Snowboard Museum is most definitely an attraction that all snowboard enthusiasts should visit, as they will be amazed at what is on display, whilst learning more about the sport they are passionate about.