A large portion of Finland falls into Lapland, the supposed home of Santa Claus. In addition to fun reindeer sleigh rides, Finland offers thrilling skiing and snowboarding adventures for the entire family. Beautiful scenery with exquisite forests and frozen lakes makes Finland’s ski resorts absolutely magical. Ski resorts in Finland offer a mixed terrain of forested areas and wide open spaces, with cross country skiing dominating the scene. Finland’s Ski Resorts offer a variety of premium accommodation including condominiums, hotels and apartments. Over and above the opportunity to glide across vast kilometers of snowy landscape, ski resorts in Finland offer a number of other activities such as dogsledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and, for the very brave, ice-pool swimming. Spas at Finland’s ski resorts are a great opportunity for relaxation after a day of thrilling outdoor activity. Finland truly offers a fantastic, unforgettable ski holiday experience.

Finland Resorts: