Exhibitions are public displays of products, services and educational presentations. Ski exhibitions allow companies to market goods and services to the public as well as make sales and most importantly create brand awareness. Many well known exhibitions are held annually both nationally and internationally. Ski exhibitions may be part of larger exhibitions such as sport exhibitions, outdoor expos and so on.

One upcoming exhibition is the annual International Ski Travel Expo. This exhibition will give people a chance to meet representatives from ski resorts from around the world at exhibition stands. The dates for the Ski Travel Expo are: Brisbane – 17 June 2006; Sydney – 18 June 2006 and Melbourne – 20 June 2006. Exceptional ski resorts from USA, Canada, France, Chile, Argentina and Japan will have exhibition displays. Visit this exhibition before planning your next holiday.

Another annual exhibition that is popular is the Northern Ski and Board Show. Not only are manufacturers and ski stores setting up exhibition stands but the public can enjoy displays from big air demos to ice climbing. Visitors can also try out skiing on the teaching slope and enjoy fantastic workshops. Why not plan your next holiday by checking out the holiday resorts, exhibition stands. The show will be held on 28 and 29 October 2006. The British Ski and Board Show takes on pretty much the same format as the Northern show. It will be taking place from 3 to 5 November 2006.

There are many great ski exhibitions throughout the world and they are a great way to spend some time together as a family. Exhibitions are a must for all ski enthusiasts as they have a great vibe, brilliant product deals and exciting demonstrations.

If you know of any upcoming ski exhibitions locally or internationally, why not e-mail us the details so that we can include them on this page.

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