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    You’ve bought the skis and the boots, now its time to decide on the clothing. Ski clothing both technical and fashionable is continuously developing with the improvement of fabrics and designs. Styles have become more streamlined, doing away with the bulk of the past. New ski clothing is contoured for mobility and comfort. Funky new […]

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    Discover the latest, greatest and most popular ski and snowboarding gear available. Snowskiing.com’s top gear review will assist you in making wise purchases as well as inform you of the latest equipment developments on the market. Our skiing gear reviews will provide you with details on the equipment (figures and stats) as well as comments […]

  • Try Out the New Thrill of Kite Skiing

    The new snow sport that has hit the slopes and frozen lakes is Kite Skiing. As the name suggests, kite skiing is a combination of skiing and kite surfing. Similarly kite boarding makes use of a ...

  • Challenge of the North Routt Coureur des Bois

    In order to make a living in the fur trade, a group of men took it upon themselves to trade without legal permission, and were therefore called Coureur des Bois, meaning “Wood Runners” or ...

  • Great Ski Holidays at Big Red Cats

    Next door to the Red Resort, along Red Mountain in British Columbia, lies a haven of snow skiing and winter activities - Big Red Cats. The area surrounding the mountain is filled with activities ...

  • Advances in Snow Sport and Ski Apparel

    Since the start of snow skiing and other activities began on the powdery white slopes, the equipment, safety measures and apparel has improvement dramatically. The skis that you purchased five ...

  • Snow Skiing Gear for kids

    To rent or not to rent, that's the common question for parents of skiing kids. Kids learn best on modern gear, but as they outgrow it each year, replacement costs get pricy.

  • Snow Skiing: Jean-Claude Killy, the Flying Frenchman

    Jean-Claude Killy ranks among the top French skiers of all time. Some say that he is, indeed, the very greatest. Born in 1943 in Saint-Cloud, France, Killy spent his boyhood in the traditional ...