Try Out the New Thrill of Kite Skiing

The new snow sport that has hit the slopes and frozen lakes is Kite Skiing. As the name suggests, kite skiing is a combination of skiing and kite surfing. Similarly kite boarding makes use of a board and kite. Even though this fast paced sport seems quite involved to master, professional kite skiing enthusiasts have guaranteed that it is much easier to master than kite surfing.

Kite skiing is also a more social sport, as kite skiers are able to tow people behind them, increasing the fun and excitement. To start off on this high speed adventure there are a few items of equipment that enthusiasts will need. Firstly, traction kites, land, water, foil and inflatable kites, must be chosen according to the terrain and weather conditions. Inflatable and foil kites are preferable, as skiers are able to relaunch themselves on the snow. Good safety release systems and kites that are able to depower are recommended as it not only allows skiers to slow down easily, but skiers will not have to stop to change kite sizes.

When kite skiing on ice, shorter downhill skis are suggested, and while on snow, the longer skis are more comfortable. Experimenting with different skis will increase and decrease speeds as required. Other safety equipment includes warm clothing, mittens, helmet, ski boots, harness, impact vest and protection equipment for elbows and knees. Snowboarding enthusiasts will enjoy kite boarding, as it works on the same concept.

To get the kite in the air, skiers should ensure that their kites are in a forward moving direction at approximately thirty to sixty degrees. Moving the kite in a sine wave pattern should start to generate power. It does not take much wind to power the kite and first time kite skiers might be a little frightened by the quick take off they could experience. Learning how to control the kite is the most important part and once it is achieved, skiers and boarders will quickly get hooked on the new snow sport.

Competitions have already begun to be launched as the more experienced kite skiers perform gravity defying jumps and aerial tricks. Any open snow covered field is the perfect kite skiing opportunity and every new challenge conquered is an excuse to take on the next adventure.