You’ve bought the skis and the boots, now its time to decide on the clothing. Ski clothing both technical and fashionable is continuously developing with the improvement of fabrics and designs. Styles have become more streamlined, doing away with the bulk of the past. New ski clothing is contoured for mobility and comfort. Funky new additions to some brands of clothing have been added; such as, pockets for your MP3 player with a headphone exit or inside pockets for water bottles.

A new fabric for middle and base layers has been developed and can be found in ski clothing shops everywhere. It is a fabric which controls your temperature perfectly and is used by NASA’s astronauts. Fabrics for outer layering must be stretchable, breathable, waterproof, windproof, comfortable and durable. And in this day and age, such materials can be found.

Large ranges of children’s ski clothing are also available on the market at ski clothing shops, some of which are leaning more towards the technical ski clothing side. Keep your kiddies warm in bright colors and fashionable styles.

When purchasing ski clothing, remember the importance of layering. Your base layer, the layer that touches the skin must draw moisture away from the body to keep it dry and warm. The best clothing for the base layers should be made of synthetic polyester yarns, keep away from cotton. The middle layer is the insulating layer. Choose fabric such as Microfleece to allow moisture to escape but to keep your heat in. Consider a waterproof middle layer for the spring months. The outer layer should be breathable but water and windproof. Ensure that the seams of the ski clothing are taped as stitching will compromise the waterproof ability. Buy good socks, gloves and beanies to keep your extremities warm.

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