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  • Head to Chile for a Mid-Year Ski Vacation

    North American snow sport enthusiasts who are planning a mid-year ski break are likely to find just what they are looking for at one of the ski resorts in the South American Andes. Visitors to ...

  • Ski and Snowboard Show 2012

    Now in its 39th year, the Ski and Snowboard Show is set to bring you the latest and best in wintersports gear, holiday packages and much more...

  • Columbus Day Ski & Snowboard Sale & Swap

    The 21st Annual Columbus Day Ski & Snowboard Sale & Swap at Wachusett Mountain will see people bringing their used gear to sell, as well as buying new equipment. This is a convenient way for ...

  • The Capital Rail Jam 2011

    The Capital Rail Jam is a preseason event at Mad River Mountain, first introduced in 2010. Those attending the event can look forward to The Ark Band, a snow apparel fashion show, movie premiers ...

  • Accessories

    There are a great number of convenient and necessary ski accessories and snowboarding accessories on the market. From items to care for your skis to specialized child ski accessories you will find all that you need at a ski store or online. The types of tools and accessories you will find useful in caring for […]

  • Bargains

    Summer is the best time to find skiing equipment, clothes and other gear at bargain prices. Most outdoor sports stores have their winter gear on discount soon after the season. It is the best time to shop for your winter vacation as the shops are keen to clear their goods and whatever you need is […]

  • Bindings

    You skiing vacation success depends on the bindings you select! Bindings and boots are the link between your body and the skis and snow. Good bindings are well-designed, complex pieces of machinery that make a firm connection between the skis and boots and release when the pressure exceeds the setting. They need to be set […]

  • Boards

    Snowboarding during the winter vacation is popular with youngsters all over the skiing world. Choosing the right board from the range of freeride, freestyle, backcountry and Park/Pipe boards can be daunting for the first timer. Many factors have to be considered such as the user’s weight, height, foot size experience and riding style and these […]

  • Boots

    Using the right gear is vital for a successful skiing vacation. Comfort and protection are key factors when you are out in the snow for seven or eight hours. People on their first Ski vacation would be wise to invest in proper clothes, equipment and shoes. It is possible to hire these at many ski […]

  • Clothing

    You’ve bought the skis and the boots, now its time to decide on the clothing. Ski clothing both technical and fashionable is continuously developing with the improvement of fabrics and designs. Styles have become more streamlined, doing away with the bulk of the past. New ski clothing is contoured for mobility and comfort. Funky new […]

  • Reviews

    Discover the latest, greatest and most popular ski and snowboarding gear available. Snowskiing.com’s top gear review will assist you in making wise purchases as well as inform you of the latest equipment developments on the market. Our skiing gear reviews will provide you with details on the equipment (figures and stats) as well as comments […]

  • Skis

    A skiing vacation needs a lot of planning not only about where to go but what you need. First time skiers may be confused with the variety of skis available. It may be a good idea to join a ski club and discover the basics of skiing. You could perhaps hire the equipment you need […]