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  • Advances in Snow Sport and Ski Apparel

    Since the start of snow skiing and other activities began on the powdery white slopes, the equipment, safety measures and apparel has improvement dramatically. The skis that you purchased five ...

  • Snow Skiing Gear for kids

    To rent or not to rent, that's the common question for parents of skiing kids. Kids learn best on modern gear, but as they outgrow it each year, replacement costs get pricy.

  • Summer ways to stay in Snow Skiing shape

    If you're a planner, you may already be preparing for the ski season. Maybe you're choosing where to take a winter ski vacation, or are already shopping for ski gear.

  • Telemarking: a rising trend – Snow Skiing

    At downhill ski resorts, there's a new sport on the mountain: telemarking. And it's growing fast. Snowsports Skiing America (an industry trade group) reports that the sport is expanding much ...

  • Softer Ski Boots – A New Trend

    There's a new trend in the downhill ski-gear market: Soft Boots. These boots are made with a combination of plastic, cloth and leather materials. They are designed to be warmer, more ...

  • How often should you wax your downhill snow skis?

    It's a good idea to get your downhill skis waxed (and tuned) before every ski season. Skis perform best with well-waxed bases. After a warm summer in storage, ski bases get dried out.