Summer ways to stay in Snow Skiing shape

If you’re a planner, you may already be preparing for the ski season. Maybe you’re choosing where to take a winter ski vacation, or are already shopping for ski gear.

It’s just as important to prepare your body for skiing. If you’re in decent shape when the snow falls, you’ll be able to ski longer and you’ll be less prone to injury. You’ll also have more fun!

Many professional skiers use hiking, jogging or biking to stay in good skiing shape. These are excellent choices for aerobic fitness, and for strengthening those upper-leg quadriceps muscles so important for skiing. On the pavement, inline skating (or “Rollerblading”) is another excellent choice, as it mimics many of the motions in alpine and cross-country skiing.

During the busy work-week, try taking a few minutes a day to do leg-strengthening activities like lunges, squats and wall-sits. Or begin working with an exercise ball or stretch bands, to strengthen the core muscles. The core muscles, lining your torso, back and abdomen, are crucial for good control while skiing.

Your local gym can help you prepare for ski fitness. Meet with a personal trainer, to learn which leg-strengthening and core-muscle activities are best for you. Or join a class – many gyms offer ski-specific classes in late summer and fall. They’ll include exercises perfect for preparing your body for that first day on the slopes.