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  • Skiing in the Dolomites of Italy

    Located in north-eastern Italy, the Dolomites are a mountain range forming part of the spectacular Southern Limestone Alps, stretching from the Piave Valley in the east to the River Adige in the ...

  • The Skill of Ski-Archery

    Historically used as a weapon for hunting or in combat, today archery is primarily a recreational activity. Archery is sometimes referred to as an art, rather than a sport, and it certainly ...

  • Europe

    Europe offers a diversity of cultures, scenery and activities that makes the continent a very popular holiday destination. For snow skiing enthusiasts, Europe certainly offers a world of possibilities just waiting to be explored. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, winter sports feature prominently in the lives of the locals, producing world class athletes that often […]

  • Val Gardena

    Val Gardena in Italy is considered to be one of the leading ski vacation resorts in the world, comparable with Vail Resorts in America, Bariloche in Argentina, and Queenstown in New Zealand. One of the reasons for it being ranked so high is because it is constantly upgrading its services and facilities. This picturesque resort […]

  • Interlaken

    A skiing vacation in Switzerland is a dream of all avid skiers. Switzerland has more slopes than Austria or Germany and is more formal and better organized than France or Italy. Most ski vacation resorts are within a couple of hours from the larger cities making them easy to access. Interlaken, situated in the heart […]

  • Saint Leonhard

    Saint Leonhard is a top notch ski vacation destination in the middle of the Pitz Valley of Austria’s Tyrol region. Few other villages will give you such a warm welcome, gorgeous setting and extensive tourist facilities. This lovely village is the base for the Pitztal glacier and skiing areas around it. Pitztal glacier and Rifflsee […]

  • Italy

    Turin, or Torino as the locals call it, the capital of Italy’s Piedmont region, is gaining popularity as a winter vacation spot. Located at the base of the Western Alps, in north-western Italy, it is now very much on a skiing vacation map because of the XX Winter Olympics held here in February 2006. The […]

  • Macugnaga

    Macugnaga Monte Rosa, situated at the foot of the eastern face of the spectacular Monte Rosa Mountains in Italy, is an ideal family vacation spot. Nestling in a natural snow bowl it is a picturesque ancient town full of charm with well managed ski areas and excellent facilities for beginners. Perhaps not as boisterous as […]

  • Gliding Down the Slopes in Italy

    When looking for a skiing destination where the entire family can enjoy their holiday, Passo Tonale is the answer. Families regularly descend on this skiing resort in Italy, as it is reasonably ...

  • A Ski Adventure in Alagna Valsesia, Italy

    Alagna Velsesia, in Italy, is located at the foot of the Monte Rosa Mountains. Its existence was documented as far back as the 1500s, although it is believed that small settlements of people ...

  • The Village of Ortisei

    Imagine a skiing circuit where you can spend our entire day hopping from slope to slope, while at the same time slicing through some of the best powder to found in the Dolomite region of ...

  • The Pearl of the Dolomites – Snow Skiing

    Madonna di Campiglio - renowned throughout Italy and Europe as one of the few ski resorts "that got it right". A perfect mix of ski-by-day-and-party-by-night atmosphere. Discreet, elegant and ...