A Ski Adventure in Alagna Valsesia, Italy

Alagna Velsesia, in Italy, is located at the foot of the Monte Rosa Mountains. Its existence was documented as far back as the 1500s, although it is believed that small settlements of people lived here long before then. The name “Alagna” refers to settlements of houses, and this magnificent skiing paradise is located approximately seventy kilometers from the Switzerland border. The entire village of Alagna Valsesia forms a massive and beautiful ski resort that you will thoroughly enjoy.

The spectacular mountains and landscapes surrounding the village are breathtaking, and many skiers have commented that skiing here makes them feel at one with the mountain and at peace. Well groomed slopes and near perfect pistes create the wonderful combination of runs for all skiers of various skill levels; with peaceful, smooth runs for the quiet skiers, and thrill, adventure and excitement for those seeking new challenges.

Off piste skiers are recommended to hire one of the local guides or instructors to take them on unforgettable free-style skiing excursion, complete with fast moving verticals and tranquil powder routes. Guides ensure that skiers get the best adventure possible, and enjoy the slopes of the mountain safely. Alagna Valsesia is also home to a hundred and twenty-nine pistes, covering a hundred and eighty kilometers. Beginners will find forty seven kilometers all to themselves, while intermediate skiers have approximately a hundred and twenty kilometers to play with, and ten kilometers of the slopes, referred to as ‘black’ pistes, are only for the most experienced skiers. With sixty five different routes to choose from, skiers will never get bored at Alagna Valsesia.

The most adventurous part of the Monterosa Ski area is the Alagna Valley, which is where professional skiers will find exhilarating, emotional and high-energy free-riding slopes. There are safe and efficient lift systems in place, making access to the mountain easier for skiers. Some of the lifts have only recently been installed and it is hoped that by 2009 the Balma area will have a lift as well.

Other activities at the this wonderful ski area in Italy include Ice Climbing, Heliskiing, Mountain Climbing, Trekking, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Mountaineering and River Sports. All of the activities at Alagna Valsesia are exciting and test the abilities, sometimes the endurance, of the skiers. After a hard day on the slopes, visitors can enjoy tasty meals in a warm and inviting environment at their accommodations or the local pubs and restaurants. It is the beauty of the slopes, the challenges and the friendly atmosphere that brings skiers back to Alagna Valsesia every year.