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  • Snowy Mountains Classic

    Taking place in terrain around Perisher and towards Charlottes Pass, the Snowy Mountains Classic continues the fine tradition establish by the Paddy Pallin Classic in 1965...

  • Developments at The Canyons

    So much has changed over the years at The Canyons, its name being one of them. It has now been changed for the fifth time, and will be known as just Canyons. Talisker Mountain Inc. are the new ...

  • Ohau

    Not many people know about Ohau ski resort that nestles in the slopes of Mount Sutton in the Ohau mountain range of New Zealand. Its fairly remote location, just off the Mackenzie Plains highway between Queenstown and Christchurch, has meant fewer people come here on a regular basis. Ohau Resort offers fabulous skiing on diverse […]

  • Treble Cone

    Advanced skiers seeking new challenges cannot do better than Treble Cone ski resort in New Zealand. Over fifty percent of its runs are advanced and it offers high adventure with its steep runs, tight chutes and dramatic drop-offs, rightfully earning a reputation for being the most challenging ski area in New Zealand. Treble Cone is […]

  • Spain

    Spain offers skiers and snowboarders an unforgettable experience on its glistening white slopes. Rated as the second most mountainous region in Europe, Spain’s ski resorts are a dream come true. The finest ski resorts in Spain are located in the magnificent Pyrenees and are much like the top Alpine resorts. Spanish ski resorts in Sierrra […]

  • Perisher Blue

    Perisher Blue will stun you with its sheer expanse and choice. One of Australia’s largest ski resorts, it encompasses over three thousand acres of magnificent skiing spread over seven breathtaking peaks. It is a scenic 20-mile drive from the lively town of Jindabyne and offers exciting skiing, an endless range of accommodation and vibrant après-ski […]

  • Serre Chevalier

    Serre Chevalier, located near the Italian border of France, is a ski vacation resort with a traditional, almost ‘Provencal’ charm. This excelent value ski resort has a distinctly unpretentious French ambiance, and the thirteen authentic villages that make up this ski resort, range from ultra-modern hamlets to old-style villages. Located in a big south-facing Guisane […]

  • Silver Mountain

    Silver Mountain was once a treasure trove of rich silver deposit, which drew many prospectors to this corner of north Idaho in an attempt to strike it rich. Today, long after the silver deposits have dried up, it has found a new place in the lives of many people. It has become a coveted skiing […]

  • Snowhaven

    If you travel seven miles in the right direction from Grangeville you’ll soon find yourself at the Snowhaven Ski Area. This ski resort truly is a haven as it overlooks the Camas Prairie, the Gospel Hump Wilderness and the Nez Perce National Forest. Besides the absolutely awesome view, Snowhaven has plenty of great skiing on […]

  • Ski Mountaineering – An Amazing Outdoor Adventure

    As the name suggests, ski mountaineering is a combination of the techniques of snow skiing and mountaineering. As is the case with traditional mountaineers around the world, ski mountaineers ...

  • A New Adventure During Your Ski Vacation

    The exhilarating sport of ski biking is fast growing in popularity as an exciting alternative to snow skiing and snowboarding. As the name suggests, ski biking is a combination of skiing and ...

  • Sugarloaf Investment Plans

    New England snow skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can look forward to an even more enjoyable winter experience at Sugarloaf, Maine, during the 2008/2009 season. Boyne Resorts are planning to ...