Developments at The Canyons

So much has changed over the years at The Canyons, its name being one of them. It has now been changed for the fifth time, and will be known as just Canyons. Talisker Mountain Inc. are the new owners of Canyons, and recently shared their improvement projects to Canyons with the skiing and snowboarding industry. They are preparing their facilities and the slopes for the coming 2010 – 2011 season. As renovations begin to reach their final conclusion, it is obvious that a wonderful, exciting and new Canyons will be waiting to be explored.

First and foremost the terrain is going to be extended by three hundred acres, making the biggest ski resort in Utah even bigger! Detachable quad chairlifts will be available at the new ski area, which will be known as Iron Mountain, but the lift will also enhance access to other locations on the mountain. Approximately ten runs will be created through the addition of the new ski area, and it will accommodate skiers and snowboarders with experience levels of intermediate and over. Together with added ski terrain comes the need for adequate snow cover. To alleviate the problems experienced in the past, a reservoir holding twenty gallons has been constructed to assist in the snow making process. To make movement on the mountain more convenient, the Gondola will be moved to connect directly with the Cabriolet and a Dobbelmayr chairlift will be installed, showcasing the best in chairlift technology, which has already been nicknamed the Orange Bubble.

Another addition to Canyons will be the Ski Beach, which encourages skiers and snowboarders to spend a little more time on the slopes by offer fun activities, après-ski dining, concerts and many other social events. It will take a few years to complete all the renovations to the resort, but the new owners look forward to providing holiday makers with a breathtaking skiing opportunity. Paul Boardman commented on the changes by saying: “We believe that a mountain is something that connects to a person’s soul and inspires them. Our mission is really to allow that connection to flourish.”