2010 Colorado Hall of Fame Inductees

It has been documented that pioneers in Colorado discovered the use of skis when gold was discovered in 1859. Ten men also realized how significant the use of skis is that winter when their mining camp became snow-logged and they needed to travel to find provisions. One of the members of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, Father Dyer, used skis to travel to remote areas and preach to communities that were not previously reachable. This year, members of the ski community who have achieved and made valuable contributions to the Colorado ski industry will be inducted into the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

The 34th Ski Gala, to be hosted at the Westin Westminster in Colorado, will be the main event where the inductees will receive their honors. It will be held on the 6th of November 2010, and is also the official opening of the new ski season. The inductees for this year will be as follows:

Jake Burton Carpenter is the founder of Burton Snowboards and will be inducted as a Sport Builder. After a broken collar bone prevented him from competing in an event, he decided to open his own snowboard building shop in the 1970s. A snowboarding competition was hosted in 1981, and since then the sport of snowboarding and Carpenter’s involvement in the ski industry increased. An inductee that will not be present at the ceremony will be Ernst Constam. Born in 1888, Constam is being honored for his pioneering engineering, as he invented the overhead cable ski tow, with his first ski tow being installed in 1933. Horst Abraham is being inducted as an Inspirational Individual and a Sport Builder, as he developed from a ski instructor and trainer into creating ski methodology and also assisted in creating breakthroughs in ski instruction and athlete support.

Other inductees into the 2010 Colorado Ski & Snowboarding Hall of Fame include Harry Frampton (Sport Builder), Tygve Myhren (Sport Builder), Sandy Treat (Sport Builder and Inspirational Individual), Johnny Spillane (Competitor of the Year), Antje Maempel (Collegiate Skier of the Year) and Matt Gelso (Collegiate Skier of the Year).