A Snowboard Lover’s Dream in Italy

Sure, you can rent a pair of ski’s and hit the bunny slopes, but if you really want to challenge your senses, then head to the Italian ski resort of Livigno – a snowboard lover’s dream!

Located in the Lombardia Region of Northern Italy, Livigno boasts a variety of snowboard-friendly slopes and even has its own snowboard “fun park”. The resort also boasts two “boarder-cross” courses.

For the snowboarding wanna-be an on-site snowboard school offers individuals lessons that run about 30 euro each. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, nearly 70 kilometers of Livigno’s runs are accessible and suited to all levels.

Thanks to its high location (1800 meters above sea level) Livigno offers a long skiing season and extremely sunny weather. On one hand, the skiing season lasts from mid-November till early May. On the other hand, Livigno’s high location guarantees clear skies and sunny weather almost all year round.