A Must for Your Winter Vacation Calendar!

Virgin greets the eye no matter which way you look. The towering majesty of a mountain never leaves you because you reside in its very bosom, some 2 thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean level. There are less than 3 residents per square mile, so you could well have reached the wilderness of a remote part of the world. How far are you willing to travel for this winter’s vacation, in order to imbibe such a wondrous experience?

New England offers a real option to encounter an ultimate winter vacation experience, with professional quality snow sports to satiate your appetite for wild adventure and gut-wrenching competition. Stratton in Windham County of Vermont is not just a sublime Mountain Snow Skiing Resort, but the venue of the U.S. Snowboarding event in March. This championship, which attracts the best in the business from all over the world, will mark the end of a November to March season of non-stop sporting excitement and heartwarming festivities.

The debate between the relative challenges and merits of skiing and snowboarding is not about to end soon, especially when generations of winter-sport lovers in a family vacation together! Stratton is a perfect choice for a vacation because it excels in professional-quality events in both disciplines. The Mountain Resort comes alive every winter, though the generous dollops of snow and the inclines which only the brave can endure brook no dilution of natural ambience from the visiting crowds!

Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing winter sports in the world. The thrilling combination of gliding on a skate, and surfing over shifting crests, is entirely addictive for the young at heart and who have raw guts! A unique property of the Stratton Mountain Resort is that it caters to passionate spectators as thoroughly as it meets the technical challenge needs of professional winter sports people. The U. S. Championships in March will be an occasion when you can mingle and make friends with the best and most accomplished snowboarders. Block dates for your winter vacation in Stratton now, but be forewarned about becoming addicted to snow-sports for life!