A Skiing Vacation in Russia

With over a hundred ski resorts in Russia, there are quite a few destinations to choose from. Most of the resorts in Russia are small, and some need a little upgrading to get up to international standard, but do have the basic equipment. There are a few resorts, however, that do stand out. Russia, famous for its cruel winters, provides ideal conditions for skiing enthusiasts and snowboarders to enjoy a winter sport vacation. With interest in Russian ski resorts increasing each year, it is foreseen that most resorts will upgrade and develop to accommodate the growing requirements.

Skiing in Russia has become such a popular attraction that the country will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, proving that it has enough resorts and exciting slopes for even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. When looking at the various skiing locations in Russia, the Caucasus Mountains are definitely the most popular, as it is the home of Mount Elbrus, which stands at a height of 5 633 meters and is the highest mountain in Europe. This magnificent mountain accommodates snowboarding and skiing all year round, and is therefore a very popular destination.

One of the popular resorts in this area is Cheget Polyana. It is filled with shops where winter sport enthusiasts can hire equipment, cafés and comfortable hotels for accommodation. It also has a chair lift that will take skiers and snowboarders up the mountain, and though it is not fast, it is worth the ascent. All that is left for visitors to enjoy is an exciting ride down. Another option is Azau, which also has a cable car that can take visitors up to 3 500 meters, and if they so choose, they can ride the piste basher up to 4 100 meters. It is also the ideal location for heli-skiing and numerous operators are based in Azau.

Along the South Ural ridge, on the eastern slopes, is Abzakovo. The resort is popular with locals, especially for those in the Magnitogorsk region, as it features a ski complex with modern features. Known to many as the Red Valley, Krasnaya Polyana features four lifts and goes to a height of 2 228 meters. Visitors are also able to take a helicopter ride to higher positions on the mountain, as this facility is available at Krasnaya Polyana. There are so many options available in Russia, that winter sport enthusiasts will have a difficult time deciding where to visit first.