Alex Bilodeau takes top honors

Mogul skiing has been around for many years. It is a form of skiing that tests the skills of athletes and their abilities. This form of skiing falls under freestyle skiing, and requires athletes to move through various moguls that are on the slopes. Moguls can best be described as bumps that are formed on the slope and forces skiers to execute sharp turns and technical moves to avoid them. Some are formed naturally, while others can be formed and grow bigger as one skier after the next follows the same path.

When it comes to mogul skiing, which some resorts offer visitors by not grooming slopes so that moguls can form, this freestyle skiing discipline is often located against very steep slopes with narrow pathways. Many skiers have perfected the skill of working their way through these courses, such as Alex Bilodeau, who walked away with top honors on Wednesday, 18 March 2009, in the World Cup Final that was hosted in La Plagne, France.

Even after all he has achieved, Alex Bilodeau is a humble athlete, realizing that to stay at the top; he needs to constantly keep improving himself. His most fierce competition came from the French, Guilbaut Colas, but after winning the Moguls Title the previous month, all he had to do was ward off Colas, to win the finals, which he did brilliantly. Bilodeau finished the season with 790 points, while Colas accumulated 564, putting Bilodeau in a comfortable lead. With Bilodeau being victorious in the men’s dual moguls event, assisted the Canadian team in winning the top slot in the Nations Cup title, which is awarded to the team as a whole.

No doubt that Bilodeau will be back to challenge the freestyle skiing divisions again, but knows that there is a lot of work ahead of him, commenting: “Every day you need to prove yourself and that’s my mentality,” he said. “I need to continue to improve it.” Being at the top only means that athletes will be focused to dethrone him, and the competition is strong. But for now, congratulations are in order!