Beaver Run Resort Event for Disabled Skiers

The Hartford Ski Spectacular is being hosted at Beaver Run Resort from the 7th to the 14th of December 2008. This wonderful event for disabled skiers is sponsored by The Hartford and is supported by the Disabled Sports USA organization. Hundreds of skiers with various disabilities and their guide buddies will descend on the Beaver Run Resort, to enjoy a week of skiing fun and activities, especially designed for them to enjoy. Through the dedication of The Hartford and Disabled Sports USA, disabled athletes are given the opportunity to explore new activities and take part in a skiing adventure.

Disabled Sports USA has been active in establishing multiple sports for a range of disabilities and was founded by a group of war veterans in 1967, who were disabled in Vietnam. The organization gives its athletes hope, a new outlook on life, and a goal. Many of the projects would not be possible without the generosity of various organizations, such as The Hartford, which is a Fortune 100 financial company that reaches out to support the disabled community by hosting events like The Hartford Ski Spectacular.

From training programs to racing events and banquets, The Hartford Ski Spectacular has it all. Beginners and those taking to the snow for the first time will be able to utilize provided adaptive skiing equipment during their training session, while other entrants are requested to bring their own gear. Participants of all disabilities and of all ages are encouraged to join in the fun and excitement, as professional volunteers will be on duty every day to ensure safety and assist participants at all times. It is one of the biggest skiing events for disabled athletes and each year, the program receives approximately eight hundred participants.

Ample accommodation, parking and shuttle services are just a few features that the Beaver Run Resort has focused on to make the time at the resort as comfortable and as enjoyable for all. With youth programs, Nordic skiing, races and training camps to look forward to, the only thing left for athletes to do is to ensure they have entered and then to make their way to the Beaver Run Resort and be a part of the week long skiing action.