Freestyle for Canada Winter Games

Canada is already gearing up for the 2015 Canada Winter Games, and they have made an announcement that Freestyle skiing will be making a huge impact on the coming games. Freestyle skiing skyrocketed to popularity during the 1960’s and was then referred to as Hot-Dogging. For years this style was considered to be reckless and dangerous, but in 1979, it was recognized as a sport by the International Ski Federation. To make the sport safer, especially for competitions, jumping techniques and regulations were introduced, and today the breathtaking aerial maneuvers of varying technical difficulty still leave spectators speechless.

With so many athletes taking part in some form of Freestyle skiing, the Canada Games Council have decided to open more opportunities to participants in the coming 2015 Canada Winter Games. Skiers will be able to enter into multiple disciplines or the discipline of their choice, which will include events such as Dual Moguls, Ski Cross, Aerials, Half Pipe and Moguls. For the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, the inclusion of so many disciplines is a wonderful recognition and opportunity for their athletes. Speaking on behalf of the association, Peter Judge (CEO), commented that the increase in Freestyle Skiing disciplines will give many provincial and club athletes new goals to strive towards, and encourage them to continue developing their skills and abilities as Freestyle Skiing athletes.

Judge continued to say that the 2015 Canada Winter Games is also seen as the perfect preparation competition for the athletes that are in the National Team, as it focuses the athletes, tests their abilities and helps them prepare for events such as the Olympic Games. The team coaches and officials also benefit from the event, increasing their knowledge and experience in world class and competitive events such as the Winter Games. The Canada Winter Games offer athletes a high level of competition, with most of the national athletes entering into this popular and prestigious event. Thousands of athletes and hopefuls have competed in the games over the years, with spectators seeing the rise and fall of many top athletes. During the 2015 games, not just one athlete will be taking centre stage, as Freestyle Skiing disciplines will be capturing some of the spotlight. It is most definitely going to be an event to remember.