Importance of Ski Travel Insurance

Many skiers have enjoyed their favorite sport for years and have never been involved in an accident on the slopes. You may, however, have witnessed a rescue team spring into action in response to an emergency, and thought: “I hope that never happens to me!” Bearing in mind that there are risks involved in snow skiing and snowboarding, one day it could very well happen that you are the one in need of assistance. For this reason, ski travel insurance is an issue that all snow sport enthusiasts should not ignore.

Even though you may have travel insurance of some sort, you need to check what exactly it covers. Injuries sustained on the slopes generally require specialized medical treatment which can quickly run up astronomical bills, and you may find your travel insurance falling short. Also, some insurance does not cover off-piste skiing and snowboarding even if accompanied by a guide. So if you enjoy off-piste activities, be sure to take out suitable ski travel insurance. However, if skiing in an area which has been designated as unsafe, with signs restricting entry, or has an avalanche warning of three or higher, it is unlikely that travel insurance will pay out in the event of an injury.

A comprehensive ski travel insurance policy covers piste rescue (including air ambulance), personal liability, medical expenses, unused lift pass days, unused equipment rental, lost and damaged equipment, as well as suitable transport home. Many insurance policies provide a 24-hour emergency helpline, which can be very reassuring in times of an emergency.

Ski travel insurances also offer cover for piste closure. This means that the insurance company will cover the cost of transport organized by your tour operator to an alternative site, if insufficient snow or an avalanche results in the total closure of skiing facilities.

Ski travel insurance policies do not generally cover pre-existing medical conditions. This includes recurring conditions or medical conditions requiring ongoing medical treatment. Ski travel insurance usually only covers expenses at state-run medical facilities. Private health care may be covered if there is no other alternative.

Some may be inclined to dismiss ski travel insurance as unnecessary, especially if they have had years of incident-free snow skiing and snowboarding. However, the risk is just not worth it. If you, or your loved ones, are in need of medical assistance, you don’t want to be worrying about finances – let your ski travel insurance take care of it.