Ski Dubai – A Snow Sport Wonderland

One may not readily equate the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates with snow sport, but the new Ski Dubai indoor complex offers just that. With an incredible 22,500 square meters covered in snow all year round, Ski Dubai invites visitors to enjoy hours of snow skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing fun and excitement, while the world’s largest indoor Snow Park gives families the opportunity to have a snowball fight, build a snowman or enjoy the variety of interactive experiences offered at the snow cavern.

As the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Ski Dubai is a unique mountain-themed attraction with five ski runs varying in height, gradient and difficulty, the longest of which covers a distance of 400 meters. New skiers will soon want to move from the gentle beginner slopes to something more challenging, while experienced skiers can challenge their skills on the world’s first indoor black run. Snowboarders will also enjoy picking up speed on the slopes, as well as perfecting dare-devil stunts in the designated Freestyle Zone.

Didn’t think of packing your ski gear when heading for Dubai? No problem – experts at Ski Dubai can kit you out with winter clothing, and suitable ski and snowboard equipment. Qualified professional instructors are always on hand and the continuously running quad-chairlift and tow lift ensure that no time is wasted in getting skiers to the top of the slopes. When its time for a well-earned break, the St. Moritz and Avalanche Cafes will warm you up with hot beverages and tasty meals.

The structure housing the indoor ski area is double-skinned and heavily insulated and the air conditioning system keeps the temperature at a constant minus two degrees Centigrade. During the snow-making process, the temperature in the structure is reduced to minus eight degrees Centigrade. Then, by means of snow guns and chilled water supply, a cloud of atomized liquid water is created. This cloud is sprinkled with tiny particles of hard ice that form snow crystals and fall from the cloud just as snow would in natural conditions. A glycol cooling system under the base freezes the slopes, allowing the snow to collect, resulting in perfect snow skiing conditions every day, all year round.

Learning to ski is a fun, social experience that can be enjoyed by young and old. Ski Dubai offers all the fun and excitement of a genuine ski resort and is a great way to cool down and take a break from the hustle and bustle when visiting Dubai.