Skiing at Megeve Resort in France

As the horses’ hooves lightly float over the cobble stone roads, pulling their sleighs filled with passengers, and the shops and restaurants begin to open their doors, skiers know that they are in a very unique skiing destination. The village of Megeve is a gem in the French Alps, and is not only a picturesque part of France with breathtaking slopes and facilities, but a playground for the rich and famous. Here, skiers can enjoy the best of both worlds: magnificent skiing opportunities, as well as luxury accommodation and excellent service.

Megeve only gained its fame after the Rothschild family started enjoying winter family vacations in the village during the 1910’s, which led to Baronne Noemie de Rothschild opening a luxury hotel in Megeve in 1921. Their influence on the village led to many other high society members flocking to the village and soon it became one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world.

With more than three hundred kilometers of skiing trails, over a hundred lifts and two hundred and nineteen slopes, skiing enthusiasts of all experience levels will find what they are looking for at the Megeve ski resort. As the demand for different facilities has arisen over the years, with new forms of skiing and snowboarding developing, Megeve has adapted to these requirements and also offers a half pipe and two varied snow parks. Many winter sport competitions have been hosted by the Megeve resort, as it is able to accommodate everyone and when the snow seems a little too inadequate for skiing, the resort turns to there collection of over a hundred and seventy snow cannons to cover the slopes with a suitable white blanket of snow.

The diversity of the Megeve resort has increased its legendary status, and visitors are often left speechless by the beauty of the slopes and surrounding areas, while the village is able to maintain its quaint atmosphere and simple lifestyle even though its high end stores and shops cater for their elite clientele. The rustic elegance of Megeve cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and is a destination that has to be explored by skiing and traveling adventurers. It is a part of France that is unforgettably beautiful and sees many of it visitors return, year after year.